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A fake Rolex that all of your friends agree to say is real when you're around women.
Dude, we're gonna be hookin' up tonight when you sling your Brolex around!
#rolex #pimpwatch #douchebag accessory #bling #bro watch
by RealRolexGuy March 10, 2011
Being grossly overworked; pushed past one's tolerances and natural abilities, generally by managers too lazy or incompetent to do the job themselves. Evokes the image of an undernourished cow wandering around a lower socioeconomic area where all of the poor people attempt to milk it despite the fact that it's milk is long gone. (The term was created in my work place when my supervisor/acting boss realized the new Head was going to keep using him to do his job while at a lower pay grade.)
Steve, he's going to work you like a Ghetto Dairy Cow!
#slave #lackey #cannon fodder #minion #mcjob
by RealRolexGuy June 07, 2011
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