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2 definitions by RealFanDan

Doing a Blair Mullen is perfectly acceptable in soceity, within Falkirk.

A Blair Mullen consists of;

Dancing around, like a fool to heavy dance music.
Thinking you look cool, whilst doing the above.
Person 1: Jackson done the Blair Mullen last night, looked like a right bellend.

Person 2: haha really? what a idiot.

Person 1: Yeah, he did look an idiot. Thought he looked cool infront of the girls aswell.
by RealFanDan May 17, 2009
13 4
A person who uses online messenger services to harass other people using the service.
These people then blatantly ignore the people they have harassed the next day in person, pretending it didn't happen.
Person1: "Dave gave me some jip last night on MSN, but today he was sound with me and pretended nothing happened."

Person2: "What a keyboard gangster"
by RealFanDan April 28, 2009
11 2