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(Noun) A total and utter whore or slut who engages in promiscuous sex with many partners even if he or she is in a committed relationship. A person with no regard for the sanctity of a monogamous relationship, whose sole desire is to have sexual relationships with as many partners as possible. The relationships can vary from one night stands, flings, to long regular affairs. The person does not necessarily have to be in an relationship to be a Pass Around Party Pig. The only requirement is they have many sexual encounters with many partners without feeling guilt shame or humility.
) Hey did you hear Sue slept with Paul and Dan while she was going out with David?

2) Yes I also heard she was banging the landlord of their apartment too!

1) What a Pass around Party Pig!


1) Hey great party last night man, who was that girl Sara that was here?

2) Oh her...a friend of a friend.

1) Man she gave just about every guy who was here oral sex last night.

2) Shes a whore nothing but a Pass Around Party Pig, she does this type of thing all the time!
by Real Talk 716 September 23, 2010

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