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3 definitions by Real Deal 12345

A vehicle owned by someone of (or someone that thinks they are of) African American descent. Usually an older model car with extensive cheap or ghetto accessories such as, spinning chrome hubcaps, plastic chrome trim, excessive air fresheners, cheap distorted sound system, seat covers, chrome or gold tag ring (preferably chain link) and ***tire shine***.
Corey, I can't believe you are riding around in that coon shuttle!
by Real Deal 12345 September 04, 2006
A ghettoriffic mexican that acts like a coon.
That car has to be owned by a Mexicoon, look at the virgin Mary airbrushed on the hood.
by Real Deal 12345 September 04, 2006
To "fix" an object in a ghetto or temporary way. Usually done by a low class white person, a cracker. The quality of this repair is just slightly above that of a nigger rig.
If you cracker riged that any worse, it would be a nigger rig.
by Real Deal 12345 September 04, 2006