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Someone who engages in crying/fake drunkness/tantrums/telling you they're depressed but not saying anymore/poking you repeatedly in the hope that you will fall in love with them and give them an ego trip. Often found in Drama/Dance/Expressive Arts classes up and down the country. Almost always Female.
If youve never known one, then you must live in a remote village somewhere in Kazakhstan.
by Real Rock Fan November 10, 2004
Clearly everyone else who has posted a comment is a member of the Croydon Rude Boi Brigade. This fool claims to have talent but actually seems to have a fake-lisp that many Rudie's have adopted. I'd be angry that XFM played his music if it wasnt so hillariously bad.
"Fix-Up, Look Sharp"

*You Reach For The Off Button On Your Radio, Unless Your'e Some Nob-End*

P.S If anyone calls me a "neek" for posting this comment, go look in a f*cking dictionary, the word doesn't exist you scum.
by Real Rock Fan December 06, 2004

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