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1337 speak meaning girl or girls. In particular pretty girls.
1337 speak for girls. Particularly pretty girls.

\/\/04|-|, joo 607 p\/\//\/3D 8y taht chixorz. Teh chixorz ish teh win, 5|-|3 ish 1337 (Translation: Woah, you got owned by that girl. The girl is really good, she is elite)
by Reagan teh Nonsexual Lesbian April 10, 2005
A very dangerous mammal that is prone to attack. Also poisonous, these are deadly beast which we must protect ourselves from. Even now many officials are considering bombing all koala habits to destroy these dangerous beasts. Alternate definiton: a whore.
For more information on these hideous creatures go to koalasrus.com
by Reagan teh Nonsexual Lesbian January 11, 2005
Sexual preferences that are geared toward no specific group or fetish but towards pretty much anything. Often practiced by someone who's sexual tensions are high and who's standards are low. Best described by a particular button which reads I'd have sex with anything that moves right now, but why limit myself'.
Angelina Jolie is omnisexual.
by Reagan teh Nonsexual Lesbian January 08, 2005

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