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2 definitions by Rdcatfish302

An interjection used when angry or upset with something. Commonly used by Youtube Sensation "The Tourettes Guy."
The Tourettes Guy has neck pain. "Dammit! Piss! Suck my dick, or cock!
by Rdcatfish302 July 30, 2011
41 12
A person who is both king of jerks, and babies.
Bob: I hear you broke up with Diana last night.
Jack: Yeah, she had a crazy temper tantrum; she almost stabbed me with a fork!
Bob: Well you cheated on her, so it makes sense. I think you should talk to her.
Jack: No, fuck her, and I don't wanna get stabbed.
Bob: Dude, you are such a piece of baby dog shit.
by Rdcatfish302 July 25, 2011
21 5