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3 definitions by RdHogg

The ring round hard crap where the Sphincter grabs it.
“Dude, that turd was so long it had rest marks on it”
by RdHogg November 01, 2007
7 1
small balls of crap and lint that gather in the crack of your ass during the day.
"I was going after my woman doggie style untill I saw 4 or 5 big ass weggie seeds in her ass crack"
by RdHogg January 02, 2008
3 0
Any stick or pole used to grab / squeeze while grunting….Grunt Stick as a result of being constipated or other wise blocked up. Can be used inside or out in the woods. Anything to grab or squeeze as to take pressure off the abdominal area.
“He was so blocked up he had to grab the Grunt Stick to get some relief “
by RdHogg November 01, 2007
4 1