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The term coined by the greatest band on earth, Tenacious D, as an exercise maneuver so exhilerating, it can increase your rock performance and stamina. The exercise is so complicated (has been known to cause minor spinal damage), it has yet to be performed in public by the band nor have the instructions been disclosed.
"Are you willing to make the commitment to deep-knee Rock Squats. Seven or Eight at a time...in a row!" -Jack Black, Tenacious D
by Razorglove July 09, 2009
A duplicate created as a result of time travel. When one object travels to another time where that same object also exists, then two of the exact same object occupy the same time. The popular theory is that one of the paradox duplicates is doomed to destruction as a result of the universe attempting to correct this violation of the reality matrix of existence. More pressing is the belief that, were the duplicates to come in contact with one another, it would violate the very basic law of physics that 'no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time', and, thus, unmake the universe.
"That's why i didn't want us to meet, Fry. We're paradox duplicates. The more we stayed away from each other, the better chance we had of staying alive. I guess I was wrong...(cough)"
-Futurama: Bender's Big Score
by Razorglove January 25, 2010
The planet falsely disclosed to Darth Vader by Princess Leia as the location of the secret base of the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Leia attempted to avoid the destruction of her home planet of Alderon and withold the location of the base, only to still have her planet decimated by the Death Star.
"You wish to save your planet from destruction? Then, name the system..."

"Dantooine. The base is on Dantooine."
by Razorglove July 09, 2009
A delicious, glazed, doughnut-hole snack treat manufactured by the Entenmann's company. Also available in powdered.
Upon the realization that no one will allow a middle-aged, comic book reading, stoner freak who lives in his parents basement as the franchise manager to the leading bacon, marshmallow, and cheese milkshake manufacturing company run by large breasted Asian prostitutes in the standard issue uniform of wet t-shirts, g-strings, and stiletto heels, I crumbled into a metaphorical cocoon of unceasing apathy and soul crushing defeat as I watched my bootleg DVD of Krull, wept, and fantasized, once more, about taking a nail gun and going to town on the patrons of the local Blimpies...and eating Pop 'ems!
by Razorglove February 04, 2010
In the Invader Zim universe, the Planet Jackers are a faction of aliens that steal planets and other celestial bodies with a massive towing vessel. They sneak up on unsuspecting planets and enclose them in a hollow, metal bubble. The inside of the sphere is one big television screen, which projects a sky so no one knows what happened. The planet then begins to experience random quakes across the globe as a result of the pull from when they change direction. The Planet Jackers' homeworld orbits a dying sun forcing them to throw planets into it like fire wood to keep it burning. After a series of seismic events and interferences of his equipment, Zim deduces that the Planet Jackers have set their sights on Earth. Realizing he won't be able to conquer Earth if they take it, Zim attempts to reason with the Jackers by citing what had apparently been previously established as the Irken/Planet Jackers Treaty stating "all planets marked for conquest by the Irken military are to be left where they are." The Jackers inform Zim that Earth was not, in fact, marked and was fair game. Because Zim's mission of conquest on Earth was, unbeknownst to him, actually his exile and Earth itself was really never officially sanctioned for invasion, he thinks these Jackers are attempting to violate the treaty and is forced to stop them on his own. After managing to cut open the metal bubble and freeing the Earth, Zim towed it back to our solar system, ready to be invaded by him.
"The Irken Empire will destroy me if they come to check on my progress and find the planet missing! I have to stop the Planet Jackers if I am to be left with a planet to invade!" -Zim
by Razorglove July 24, 2011
A Klingon prison planet adjescent to Trilithium mining asteroids. It is said that serving on Rura Penthe is a fate worse than death, with unbearable and almost uninhabitable mining facilities alongside the most ruthless convicts in the universe. In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, after the murder of Klingon ambassador Garok while aboard the Enterprise, Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy were wrongly sentenced to life on Rura Penthe, but managed to escape thanks to a very intricate plan. More recently, in Star Trek (2009), the Romulan mining leader, Captain Nero, was exiled to Rura Penthe and managed to escape after 25 years once his futuristic ship, the Narada, was fully repaired and capable of taking on the entire Klingon security fleet around the planet.
"Captain, the death penalty has been commuted. However, you will be sentenced to serve in the Rura Penthe Trilithium mines for the rest of your natural lives."
-Klingon High Council
by Razorglove May 30, 2011

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