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Can be used in a variety of ways with similiar meanings to: sick, hype and ill
agreement: that's straight goods yo

happiness: i love u man, ur straight goods to me

disgust: Sanchez thats friggin straight goods, you dirty shiz! what the hells wrong with you my man?
by Razmatazz February 02, 2005
to be owning consecutively
person 1: yo jamaal i see you with a different girl everytime

person 2: your owning spree aint gonna last jamaal

person 1: i just got 4 different digits right now, u see that?

person 2: ya ya, i saw your owning spree
by Razmatazz February 14, 2005
a special titty twister where u grab the niple with ur left hand and enforce the strength with ur right hand then trip them and while there on the floor sock there niple
i will give u a super niple twatter
by razmatazz March 07, 2005
to have undergone some ownage
person 1: my mom caught me smoking her weed last night
person 2: RAPEAGE!
by Razmatazz February 14, 2005
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