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Alexandra. She is the most beautiful girl you will EVER see. Her kisses and words will set your soul on fire. she is the most kind and tender-hearted girl youll ever meet. her eyes will make your problems dissapear, and the way she speaks will make your heart melt. when shes not with you, itll feel like you havent seen her in 1000 years, so youll miss her. you will get turned on by her just walking past you in the hallway. shes truly an angel, and she came from heaven. i love Alexandra :
Jacob's friend-"i hear youre dating Alexandra"
Jacob-"yeah, she hot isn't she?"
Jacob's friend-"dude, i wish i could get girls like her, shes damn sexy"
Jacob-"yeah, shes an angel :"
by Raziel731 April 01, 2011

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