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Bigger than fatacous. Not smaller than any other known obesity; a person so obese that he/she take up a large chunk of land; about the size of half rural town.
Phil: I saw a very obessous woman today. I was scared because she ate an elephant in front of me. Luckily she wasn't hungry for human flesh.
Rich: Sounds liek you lucked out. I lost my wife to an obessous woman. Ate her right in one gulp!
by Razeeky November 02, 2011
The act of being extremely huge. Bigger than fat but smaller than obessous.
John: Wow that girl was so fatacous that when she rolled down the hill she didn't stop at the end but went right through the earth and kept falling piercing her way to the other side of the world!
Jim: Wow sounds like a fat ol' bitty!
by Razeeky November 01, 2011

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