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A strain of cannabis originated from the Umass Amherst area, rumored to be an offshoot of the breader ChemDawg from the days of www.overgrow.com Was quite popular amoung weed conisuers in Boston and New York in 2000. Was originally a whispy light weight strain. Soma later introduced a strain called NYCSD "New York City Sour Diesel". Claims some rasta gave it to him in NYC, how ever this strain did not originate from NYC and was most likely was other strains bred for similarity with the original, most likely shares parentage with the currently popular grapefruit strain. Because of avalabilty Soma's obviously different strain at the peak of NYCSD popularity the original from the streets of New York became known as ECSD "East Coast Sour Diesel" You can still find the original at the Grey Area coffe shop in Amsterdam. RezDawg of Resivoir seeds uses the original Sour diesel in his sour diesel strains. How ever they have been bred for more weight while keeping the potency. RezDawg's sourdiesel strains are generaly cosidered the standard now.

So how to tell the difference, Sour diesel from soma or soma breeds will be a limey sorta green where as the original was a darker almost blueish hue. This darker hue is quite evident in the strains from Rezdawg. The original smells like a diesel fuel spill at a gas station when broken up where as the Soma strain has a fruity graipfuitish smell.
sour diesel is commonly refered to as the Sour Deez, or the Deez pronounced like saying multiples Ds. Not to be confused with diesel which is a common term in NYC for herion. so it would be Got DEEZ instead of got diesel. you've been warned.

note: this is not a knock on Soma, he did invent or at least main stream the supercropping technique. However he did cause a lot of confusion that is still considered a low blow and betrayel to the original by most "elder" to the growing community. Name steeling such as unlicensed use of DJ Shorts Blueberry has caused quite a bit of fuss in the multimillion dollor seed buisiness.
by Raysputin June 12, 2006

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