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when you're climbing up a latter and you feel something splatter

when you're riding in a chevey and you feel something heavy

when you're riding on a harley and you feel something gnarly

when you're sitting in the grass and its coming out your ass

when you're riding in a boat and your pants begin to float

when you're scaling up a wall and your pants begin to fall

when you're sitting on the john and the toilet paper's gone

when you're running into first and your pants begin to burst

when you're on second base and your pants are out of place

when you're running into third and you feel a juicy turd

when you're sliding into home and you're pants begin to foam

It's what explodes out of your backside, stains the toilet and burns for weeks. typically the result of food poisoning or spicy stuffs. Can very in colour. Also can be used as an adjective or in phrases
Man that freaking taco bell gave me diarrhea

This project is totally diarrhea up the nose

This soup tastes like diarrhea
by Rayrayrainbow November 09, 2008

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