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verb-- for when any Etsy.com product, especially a piece of total crap, is posted on Regretsy, a site that feeds specifically of such crap.
Webgoer 1: Did you see that Etsy seller who wrote a biography of the basket she was selling?
Webgoer 2: Oh yeah, that chick got totally Regretsy'd for that!
by Raynie Dayes December 21, 2009
n. The area in the back of all fridges where food items are defined by the phrase "might be edible"
Man, I was in such a jam for food last night, I actually had to forage the the Twimight Zone.
by Raynie Dayes October 01, 2009
adj. Used to describe something with the potential earmarks of high flair, but too subdued or down-dressed to reach maximum style impact
Janey's dress was rather glamourish, but would have been better off without her boringly safe choice of a belt.
by Raynie Dayes October 01, 2009
adj. Used to describe flowery crap typed up at midnight by any random jerk who believes they are a total unbelievable genius and they are SO misunderstood and one day people will beg to kiss their butts, or things related to or having to do with said crap.
Person1: Did you read Ryan's last blog update about how no one understands true art and beauty?
Person2: Dude, that guy is so poetiotic, it's just depressing.
by Raynie Dayes October 02, 2009

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