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The Fujisaki Scale is a scale for measuring the intensity of Tornados based upon the damage an egg would inflict on construction materials.
Dale. This tornado's already at level two on the Fujisaki scale. A storm that strong can send an egg through a barn door. Two if one of them is open.

Bobby. What does a level three do, Mr. Gribble?

Dale: A level three can send an egg through a brick wall. Tornado chasers call it Humpty's Revenge
by RayRoy Strickland January 20, 2013
Where you ply clients with booze, drugs and very expensive hookers either to win business or blackmail them
It was so easy to get Bill Clinton to do exactly what we wanted after threatening to tell Hillary about how he did a few grams of coke and slapped that hooker about in our first class hospitality suite at the Hilton
by RayRoy Strickland January 16, 2013
A Playa is a gentleman who is very proficient and throwing woo in the direction of multiple woman with a high likelihood of a favourable reaction.

Contrary to the belief of bumbling morons, feminists and girls with low self-esteem who are lying to themselves, women cannot be playas.

Being a playa takes a fantastic amount of effort. time needs to be put in at the gym, you need to have some semblance of style and some intelligence.

A woman in comparison needs only put out, she could smell of body odour, a moustache and have a wicked case of gingivitis, there is no effort involved, no competition and therefore no game to win.
A. Yo Brah, I bust out another chick last night who was kidding herself telling me that she was a playa!

B. She know's she's actually a slut, right?

A. I don't care, I just hit it and quit it!

B. Fo shizzle! Whats that, like 5 this week?

A. Yeeeah Brah, life is sweet!

B. Game recognize game!

A. That doesn't even make sense you idiot!
by RayRoy Strickland January 18, 2013

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