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the funniest show on tv right now. it's on fox. it's baffling how little ratings this show gets compared to crap like friends or will & grace.
this week's episode of that '70s show made me laugh so hard i almost died when my guts spilled out of my skin as i laughed on the floor uncontrollably.
by RayH January 15, 2004
the most overrated actor right now. he tries so hard to be funny but it's embarrassing how but he is when he tries. it's highly doubtful he ever took acting school.
oh look, ashton kutcher is making an ass of himself on punk'd again.
by RayH January 15, 2004
when you take a shit on your partner during sex.
damn, i got to take a major dump and the bathroom is all the way downstairs. oh well, i'll just take a shit on this bitch.
by RayH December 23, 2003
a spoiled, overpaid basketball player.
look at that antoinio davis, the $12 million a year player who missed a 2 foot jumper.
by RayH December 23, 2003
a funny canadian television show on the comedy network. tends to get stale after a few episodes. a major aspect of the show's jokes are racial and exploits stereotypes of minorities.
i watched a black guy get lynched on the buzz. that was funny.
by RayH January 15, 2004
a television show that for no apparent reason gets high ratings. not the least bit funny. the jokes on this show seem to be written by senile 75 year olds.
i laughed when watching will & grace, but that's because my brother farted when i was watching.
by RayH January 15, 2004
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