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Slang term for bitch made famous by Snoop Doggie Dogg in his song "Gin and Juice".
"We don't love them hoe's we out da door...Beatch!
by Ray Ray October 01, 2003
Expression used to indicate surprise or astonishment. Similar to the coloquial, holy smokes, but with a twist of super gay.
That code is so complex, Holy smokey, I have no idea!
by Ray Ray February 09, 2005
When a girl only hangs out with really ugly girls to make herself look better. Her friends are known as stewed fish.
Mary's friends are just a bunch of stewed fish.
by Ray Ray February 22, 2004
When the tongues of the shoes are showing it means you are available for a threesome (2 girls and you're the only guy). This occurs after sitting down or when the tongues of your shoes are huge and the bottom of your pants tuck behind them. This was created to show women, secretly, that a man was available to be in a threesome (2 girls, 1 guy). Once women have found a man with his tongues of his shoes out, they must quickly make plans for the threesome. Women are quickly learning of this new sign. This sign was created during sex parties in Northern California and New Orleans. The two tongues sticking out meant the guy was skillful in satisfying women sexually, especially orally. Asian men and Island men seem to be high in demand for this.
Girl 1: The tongue of that guy's shoes are showing, he must be available for a threesome.

Girl 2: Yes they are. I hope he's available for a threesome, I'm in the mood for some fun with another girl and a guy.

Asian/Island guy: How are you women doing? Are you two available for a threesome tonight?

Both Girls: YES!!
by Ray Ray April 08, 2005
A take-off of the stink eye, when a mudge covered finger is mashed into a girl's ear. (Other exapmles: Stink nose, Stink eye, Stink Lip)
Her hearing went to shit, after she caught the stink ear.
by ray ray October 15, 2003
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