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When you cum into a glass of juice....preferably orange or pineapple. The woman (or man) you give it to has no idea that it is a special ingredient in their drink.
At breakfast, I made a special drink for Amber. I called it jismjuice. She had no idea what she was drinking.
by Ray McGlyn May 05, 2008
At the end of a movie that is usually shown on USA network, SCI-FI or any other channel for that matter, where the upper or sometimes lower screen(usually where the credits run), are so damn tiny that it makes no sense to even show them.
The other day I was watching Wayne's World on USA and when they ran the credits, they were credit zooming because you couldn't even make out who was in the movie. Ya know, who played who?
by Ray McGlyn August 03, 2007
An interstingly flavorful combination of nature's frozen white stuff and nature's fruity stuff.
I went to the TCBY one day and ropped my yogurt in the snow. My friend said, "Wow!" "Snowgurt!!" "How cool!" So I tasted it and it was awesome!
by Ray McGlyn May 05, 2008
When a driver approaches an intersection (preferably a four-way stop) and no one else is there. They somewhat stop for a second and then continue on their way.
I was walking down the street the other day and this guy came to the corner and it didn't even look like he stopped at all. That's because he did a stopgo.
by Ray McGlyn May 10, 2007

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