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The number of chromosomes present in the genes of someone with Down's Syndrome. Normal humans have 46. See Extra Chromosome.
What's wrong with you? Do you have 47 chromosomes or can you function properly like everyone else?
by Ray Flynn May 11, 2005
The act of terminating a pregnancy. Synonym for do-over.
Gotta go down to planned pregnancy for that abortion. Hey no do-overs.
by Ray Flynn May 11, 2005
term referring to the consistancy of a persons hair or the bristles of a brush. Used particularly in the case of black people hair. adj. nappy
The nap of that broad's cunt hair was just too hard to handle
by Ray Flynn May 10, 2005
Pheonetic spelling of bubbler as used in the speach of residents of New England, principally Boston. Describes a water fountain. Not the type of fountain that can be found in school hallways and in hospitals, among other places, but the ones which have a 5 gallon tank on top. Name comes from the large bubbles which form and rise to the top of the bottle when the spicket is used.
Vinny, you'd better throw another poland spring on there before that bubbla is kicked.
by Ray Flynn May 13, 2005

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