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The best car in the world. (I'm a Toyota man myself)
Yo, I was rollin down the strip just hollerin at some bitches. my honda was bouncin I cut the springs 3 inches. My neons are flashing with the beat of my bass
Just another Friday night and my Civics ready to race
I got mad props for days from all the races that I’m winning
And when I’m stopped at a redlight my hubcaps keep spinning
My Seat is layed back got my hat cocked to the side
My skin may be white but I claim asian pride
My FWD is just burning up the streets
While I got your head bobbin to this cold ass beat
Tearing down you block with my crazy ass drivin’
I’m ripping through your town like hurricane Ivan
Got the music blaring from my audiovox speakers
The crowd parts in half when I hit the strobes in my blinkers
People gather around looking kinda curious
They all wanted to know if I’m in the Fast and the Furious.
I got out of my car with my pants just saggin
Then popped open my hood so I could start bragging
Chrome exhaust tip with built in LED lights
Custom cold air intake made from PVC pipe
2 Jensen subs in the trunk that are bangin’ hard
Grill from Home Depot made from Gutter Guard
Reving up my exhaust at everything I drive by
Saw a Camero in the slow lane and gave him a ricer fly by
I got your mirrors vibrating from the bass of my subs
I told my momma for Crimus I want the Giovanni Dubs
I got Japanese symbols on the back of my car
If you could read Japanese it would say Type R
I got a carbon fiber wing that stands 3 ft high
It it was any bigger I’d be flyin’ in the sky
Fools driving driving domestics know that imports are superior
I got 15 horsepower just by painting my interior
I got more horsepower than the phonebooks got pages
And my speedometer reads 140 on my indiglo gauges
I got purple neons underneath that keep the ground lit
3 more paychecks and I’ll have my body kit
Got decals on the side of all the sponsors I wanna get
And they’ll all coming crawling cause this songs about to hit
I gotta get my Civic ready for the road to Nopi
When the judges see my car I’ll get the first place trophy
I’ll smoke any car at Hot Import Nights
The only thing you will see is my altezza taillights
Cause everybody knows Hondas are the fastest car yet
by Ray, I drive a Celica GTS May 04, 2005
The best group currently racing cars.
Let us all unite! ...this is so I have 20 letters in my example so I can post it...123.........
by Ray, I drive a Celica GTS May 04, 2005
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