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FUPA is an acronym for Fat Upper Pussy Area. Contrary to popular belief, the FUPA is *not* a roll of fat hanging over the vaginal area. Rather, it is the area directly *above* the vaginal area which has become enlarged.

The FUPA has strange effects on its victims. Primarilly, those that suffer from FUPA are completely oblivious to its presence. Furthermore, the FUPA has the strange ability to cause its host to wear their jeans up near the belly button, which further accents its glory. (Some scientists have come to believe that the FUPA has a rudementary intelligence)

Women who are 3-5 months pregnant demonstrate the most excellent examples of the FUPA. Be careful before asking a woman if she's pregnant! Most likely, it is just her FUPA.

It must be understood that men do NOT suffer from FS (Fupa Syndrome). It is a trait only found in women.
"Hey, are you pregnant? Or is that just your FUPA?"

by Raxxnall FIngleheimer July 16, 2006

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