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A gorges, smart girl, kind, usually tall with brownish gold hair. She is a great friend who will always be there for you she loves her music.. especially singing and cant help herself. She can make anyone laugh with her sense of humor, people. She is a complete lunatic and has a very short temper. If she doesn't like you she wont be mean but she will be very short with you. When she walks through the door all eyes are on her. She is drawn to people with an amazing sense of humor.

She has been broken by boys that don't respect her and is having a hard time getting over it.

Once you have a place in her heart there's no getting out.She will love you with every bit of her and once she trusts you she will tell you everything.

She has to know everything and will try everything to know. Secrets are not kept from her for a long time.
:Who's she

: She's gorges

: Dude she is my cousin
by Rawrateme March 12, 2013

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