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A nicer way of approach the fact that someone is being stupid. Generally guys/girls use them term to soften the blow
Girl: Where have you been at all night?

Guy: Out with the guys grabbing a few drinks.

Girl: Oh so you weren't out with that blonde broad?

Guy: Don't be a stoopie, I was only out with the guys.
by Rawk$tar February 03, 2010
Cheesecake is another term for Sex. It's a sweet & rich dessert as is sex, if you're getting the good kind of course.

Cheesecake with topping could be the term for those who are daring and willing to have sex while a girl is broken.
If everything goes well tonight, Johnny and I should be having some cheesecake.

I'm broken not sure Johnny is down for Cheesecake or not but I want it.
by Rawk$tar February 03, 2010
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