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fruit fly or bat, enjoys sucking on something yummy every now and then
That kakaze could suck the juice out of an orange.
by Ravyn September 04, 2003
V. To murder someone solely because they are a slut.
I caught my wife in a threesome, boinking the mailman and my cousin, so I slurdered her.
by Ravyn February 09, 2005
a cult that high school teachers founded that taught students how to get into the matrix....(what is the matrix?)
ummm...The Digital Business Academy owns you!!!!(i was just kidding)
by rAvYn April 17, 2004
a gameboard where you face challenges and stuff like that...(it's just like life)
Life is hard.
by rAvYn April 17, 2004
1.] umm..a word used to define people who are idiotic and moronic at the same time....
2.] my livejournal username...(with a _ in between moronic and idiot)
1.] the ppl on jackass
2.] some students in Milpitas High
3.] my brother
by rAvYn April 19, 2004
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