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2 definitions by Ravvie

Could this ever exist? A Emo Hippie? This is a question my group of friends pondered when I brought it up one day. A happy kid who loves the world, but hates themselves. Dresses emo, but has a peace pendent hidden under his/her clothes. Could such a being exist? We'll soon find out...
That kid has emo pants, and a tight band shirt, but ... is that a daisy necklace? He must be an emo hippie, wait, do those exist?
by Ravvie October 15, 2006
A Saying I use a lot when to referring to something very cool or amazing. Commonly an after thought to the main sentence, it has become a bit like "your mom" in our group. It's a wonderful saying that it unique and I have made it my own, I enjoy creating new and interesting things. Wasn't that definition amazing ..on toast?
"My guitar is very amazing... on toast!"
by ravvie November 07, 2006