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1. A man that's not only a huge pussy, but a fucking idiot as well. Also with the possibility of having erectile disfunction.

2.what u call some idiot you don't like
Manager: get back to work everyone
Newguy: I found a peice of paper with a smily face
by Ravman123 April 14, 2011
The act of a male or female cooking an egg to be hard boiled. Then peeling off the shell so it's nice and slippery and then placing or thrusting the egg into their rectum. Then clenching their buttcheaks so it dosent drop out. After the shit covered egg has been in their cullen for a few hours, he/she squatts over another persons face while they are sleeping and droping the egg into the other persons mouth.
My friend was sleeping so I decided to pull a prank on him and what better way to do that then giving him an Egg drop. I shoved a hard boiled egg in my ass for a few hours then droping it in my friends mouth. He woke me up screaming in the morning about his mouth tasting like shit and a random ass egg being there. All I told him was that it wasent me
by Ravman123 April 12, 2011

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