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To get your shit straight
Dude you need to achieve linear feces
by RaversFantasy357 April 28, 2008
Derived from "Skittles" and their "Taste the rainbow" slogan,
Skittly is a word used to describe a person who is gay, and likes to in fact "taste the rainbow". Often best said with a mockingly gay lisp.
Well he was skittly!
by RaversFantasy357 April 28, 2008

1. Complete and total destruction or pwnage
2. A situation where total destruction or pwnage occurs
3. A declaration of dominance

The word itself is highly versatile, applicable to most situations where an assertion of dominance has taken place; contextual usage.
1. Joe kangaranged that guy!
2. (Upon seeing someone pwnt) Kangarang!
3. (To rally your troops) Kangarang!
by RaversFantasy357 April 28, 2008

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