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The greatest manga / anime in the entire world - a combination of adventure, steam punk, action... and even a hint of romance in there.

Written by Hiro Mashima, and consisting of 35 seperate volumes. Volumes 1-32 were published by Tokyopop, the last three were put together into an omnibus by Del Ray.
Rave Master is my favourite manga series ever!
by Raverboi October 05, 2011
Something odd that Michaelangelo Hamato of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles says in the video game when excited.
*KO's a Purple Dragon*

Mikey: "Superly-Awesome-Sensationalistic, bro!"
by Raverboi October 06, 2011
A series written by theonelittleguy on fanfiction.net - a crossover between The Legend of Zelda and the Pokemon universe.

The main character is an incredibly stupid, naive and "accident-prone" Pichu/Pikachu. He spends most of his time screwing stuff up and hiding behind plot protection.

There are currently two installments in the series - The Pokeflute of Time (OoT) and Majerkass's Mask (MM). It is unknown if there will ever be a third installment.
The crossover you've been dreading: It's Ocarina of Time, but everybody's a Pokémon! Enjoy this less than accurate retelling of the classic game where the Hero of Time is an idiotic Pichu and his partner is the bitchiest Happiness Pokémon you've ever met! (The Legend of Eevee: Pokeflute of Time, summary)
by Raverboi October 05, 2011

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