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A NFL franchise that has a roster loaded with and fans that are unemployed losers, faggots, lesbians, convicts, scumbags, stupid cocksuckers, dumbass bitches, motherless whores, ass pirates, child molesters, toothless square headed hillbillies, and any number of unmentioned retrobates. They like to brag about the last 35 years of their franchise history (except the 80's)but don't mention the first 40 sorry ass years of their existence when they sucked cock and balls like somebody in a hot dog eating contest. They wave a "terrible towel" at games like a bunch of pussy school girls at a pom-pom competition and think it's cool, while the rest of the NFL watches and thinks, "What a bunch of bitch fairies." The only thing they like better than Jack Lambert is jacking off in their mother's face. They only thing they love more than Hines Ward is taking cock in their mouth and ass, balls deep simultaneously (that means at the same time for you dumb fuck Steelers fans). If they didn't have Steelers games to watch their fans would resort back to watching dog fights, cock fights, and watching their father screw their sisters and brothers.
"Hey, yous guys want to go to a Pittsburgh Steelers game?"

"Nah, I'd rather lick the sweat off a faggot's cum encrusted ball sack."

"Yeah, that's what we do after we wave those terrible towels like a bunch of dingleberry munching fairies."

"OK let's go! Sounds better than watching Dad make the two-backed beast with my little brother and sister again."
by Ravendude January 27, 2009

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