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When somebody does not realize what they do is wrong or offensive in general. Instead of apologizing, they will see themselves as the victim of the situation, no matter what they have done and the accusing person is deemed the offender.
It is a cause of ones ego to become so large that their remaining pieces of common sense start to decrease, turning you into a big selfish and arrogant dick.
Person1: My friend is always an asshole to me and my other friends, whenever we tell him that we don't like being treated like this anymore he just tells us to have some understanding
Person2: I assume he gets really mad too?

Person1: Yeah.. I don't understand why he never aplogizes but expects everyone else to.
Person2: He's got Atomic Tombustion then, tragic.
by Raven69 August 06, 2011
When you steal a property of someone else and use it as your own, then claim it was yours originally.
Guy1: Dude is that my lawnmoer? it clearly has my name on it
Guy2: No, I bought this including the rights of your name
Guy1: Dude that's mine! u can't just take it!!
Guy2: Hey Stacy! check out my new lawnmoer!
Guy1: Wow you are such a Tomimic.
by Raven69 August 07, 2011
An expression of displeasure or disappointment but can sure enough also be used for the complete opposite. Commonly used as a replacement for the word "aww".
Girl1: I'm sorry, I can't accept the title of miss.america.
Girl2: Why?

Girl1: Because... this whole time, I've been a man.
Girl2: D'aww...

Student: Here, I want you to have this
Student2: Really? but it means so much to you
Student: I know, but you mean so much more to me
Student2: D'aww how sweet of you!
by Raven69 August 07, 2011

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