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Common terminology for an older male at central North American comic/anime/science conventions. A Gaelan usually "creeps" on young girls dressed in cosplay by following them around the convention centre or watching them from afar. A Gaelan is usually crossdressing and uses it to strike up a conversation. Tends to be very into roleplay; uses it in sexual ways.
Example 1:

S: "Hey Alannah who's your friend there...?"

A: "Oh just this guy I met, he's cosplaying Nana!"

(Pulls Alannah away so he can't hear)

S: "Dude he's a total Gaelan! Ditch him!"

Example 2

G: "You... have epic cleavage."

S: "I'm only 16, gtfo!"

(Runs away)
by Raven56 November 18, 2010

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