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1.The definition of stupid. See definition of stupid here.
2. HighTek, a shorter version of High Tech, or in this case describes and illiterate person leading from the example of the spelling of "HighTek" vs HighTech
3. "HighTek" can also be used for slang for the word Flamed or High or smoked. Basically any use of drugs results of a HighTek.
1. As I was walking down to the shop, I saw a HighTek boy sitting there pistol-whippin himself into submission.
2. Wow you cant spell at all you frigging HighTek illiterate "paice offf shite."(Note the wrong spelling)
3. DAAAMMMNN, this joint is making me HIGHTEKED. Gimme more of that crap so I can get HIGHTEKKED AGAIN.
by Raven Lonestar February 28, 2006

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