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1) urinal sex

2)What Zeus did to Danaë in the greek mythology.
The only difference is, that Zeus actually impregnated her.
"He descended upon her in the form of a golden rain"
by Ravek January 16, 2004
Present everywhere.
From latin "ubique" (OOH-bee-quay), meaning "everywhere".

See also omnipresent
The Christian God is said to be ubiquatious.
The Christian God is said to be omnipresent.
by Ravek March 20, 2004
An omnipresent type of radiation.
It has not yet been discovered what causes this radiation, if something actually causes it.
Remove everything removable and you'll still have zero-point radiation.
by Ravek March 20, 2004
There is allways zero-point radiance.
As there is no nothing, there can be no example of nothing.
by Ravek March 20, 2004
To give a definition for a word, phrase, acronym, or abbrevation.
"I am defined as: "Above all others"
by Ravek March 20, 2004
1. Capable of logic reasoning.
2. Me.
I'm omnipresent.
Thus the SETI project is useless.
by Ravek March 23, 2004

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