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Lazy typist's way of spelling 'before'
"U bin there b4, bro?"
"ya, wit u"
an emote that takes too long to type but looks nicer then =). Usually used by asians, anime freaks, and gamers to denote extream happiness.

So happy that You are cheering with arms in air.
<Gamer1> w00t, level 50!
<Gamer2> \\(^.^)// yay!!
the Abbreviation of Paladin in the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, also known as Pally, 'the tank', Knight (by JP players), and 'my meat sheild'
'Grab a PLD and lets go kick some a$$...only one is Zhouyun, damn that fux0r...oh well grab him and lets get killing'
The Hell all RPG players eventually get sucked into.
FFXI pwn3s j00 a11!! Ph34r teh lag d3m0n that 34ts teh s3rv3r to h311!!!
A Term meening Disfunctional, useless, and beyon repair. Usualy used when someone does something weird or Random.
"Dude, you are so broken."
"Yeah, you know Broken... disfunctional, usless, beyond repair."
"Dude, you are so weird"
"Yeah, I know"
Japanese for bye bye. Mostly used by MMORPG gamers because everone understands it and it looks Kewler.
'Damn man, gtg to class'
'kk, cya l8r bro'
'bai bai'
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