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2 definitions by Raunchy RahRah

The most honest a person can be and most honest you can possibly get! EVER!
I Love you.

Penguin honest??

Penguin Honest :)
by Raunchy RahRah November 23, 2009
A phrase, used to indicate being pleased about something, accepting something, agreeing with something, also ending convosations and a phrase that can be used when there isnt really anything else to say, saves it from being arquard. Also used as a state of emotion; Happieness, feeling alright, being cool (but a slightly geekyer version of cool) being gernerally ok, or feeling shit and not wanting to say because you know it will start a big convosation on the topic. Copyright, to Lucy Wright, created the phrase 'Cool Beans.'
How are you?
Im good thanks, you?
Im cool beans.
by Raunchy RahRah November 23, 2009