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2 definitions by Raul Mondesi

When doing a girl doggy style and about to blow your load, spit on her back too trick her into thinking that you came, and as she turns around blast it in her face.
"Wow she is a total whore"
"Yeah,but she wont mean shit when I give her an Angry Snowman"
by Raul Mondesi May 09, 2008
30 18
Refers to a member of a family from the Pittsburgh-area. Typically bad at golf, a spaggot can be seen at Pittsburgh sporting events attempting to come up with poor humor for a Pittsburgh sports-based blog.
Hey, did you see that spaggot at the Penguins game? I heard he was sucking Mark Madden's dick in the press box.
by Raul Mondesi November 14, 2006
4 9