26 definitions by Raul

whats the deal
answer tha phone and say, "whadido"
by Raul April 15, 2003
A punk; generally owns a slow Honda with a shiny muffler
I had to take out a few punkalinguses on the way to the track tonight.
by raul March 24, 2003
i dont really know, can you guys email me wen u get da answer
50 cent: "This flow's been mastered, the ice I flash it
Chokes me, I'll have your mama picking out your casket, bastard"
by raul November 21, 2003
vietnamese person
stupid nammer, eat your pho.
by RAUL March 29, 2003
to knowingly take one persons efforts with the opposite sex and substitude the first person with ones self
i was hitting on this fine woman and this guy cockblocks me and steals her from me.
by raul January 16, 2003
pass the butter
are you for real my friend?
that is a nice car my friend
i concur
phat chromes
by Raul March 08, 2003
facial moles
that chicks got a cocopuff on her face.
by raul January 16, 2003

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