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26 definitions by RauL

pass the butter
i concur with you my friend
suck my penis please (matt bower)
by Raul March 08, 2003
to have a system playing so loud the whole community on a block would have blood running from their ears
That excursion over there is bleedin tha block with old school jams.
by Raul April 15, 2003
in obese people, whose calfs don't sepparate or distinguish from the ankle
i can't believe she wears sandles with those cankles.
by raul January 16, 2003
One who will 'bang' the 'bugebus' out of a second for simple pleasure (matt bower)
matt bower is the largest doughnut puncher in the universe, he will punch any doughnut any time. IN THE ASS!
by Raul March 08, 2003
a fansite for lovers of porn advertisements, misleading links, and goatse copycats. Often frequented by homosexual men, Stile Project has acquired a large following and continues to grow thanks to the majority of its fanbase failing to realize the site will only get worse.
stileproject has been gay for years! Let's all go to amplovesyou.net instead.
by Raul May 08, 2005