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2. The Art of being able to masturbate oneself to the point of orgasm but stop short of ejaculation.
oh bother I can't find any tissues never mind I'll treat myself to a Dry Wank
by Rattyman1964 April 14, 2010
A vagina during menstruation. Failure by a women to inform the person performing cunnilingus that she is on her period.
"Charles forgot our anniversary Veronica, I taught him a lesson by treating him to a 'Blood Muffin' he won't forget that I can tell you."
by Rattyman1964 April 16, 2010
A scrunched up and hardend dried tissue found under the bed of single males. Previously used to clean up after Beating the Bishop
"Good Lord Geoffrey, there's enough 'Crusty Rolls' under your bed to open a bread shop."
by Rattyman1964 April 16, 2010
The heavily applied makeup and clothes designed for young woman worn by older women in a vain attempt to look a lot younger than they actually are.
“Come on Cynthia,” shouted Beryl, “Let’s get our Mutton Suits on and head off to that nice Disco in town and bag ourselves some young drunken boys!”
by Rattyman1964 September 27, 2011
Any old man in any night club, usally over the age of 50, who thinks he is gods gift to women and has the sole intention of bagging a slice of minge.
"Hey Sharon watch your back I've just spotted a 'Minge Slinger' over by the bar."
by Rattyman1964 April 15, 2010

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