16 definitions by Ratt

A LowLife Twat who doesn't know how to read or write let alone finish a fight. a moron that loves to say owned!. A stupid Faggot who can't afford a washer or dryer cause his family is so poor he uses the computer at the library just to cyber fight online like a idiot that he is of course.The uglieSt person on the planet who never bathes or brushes his teeth let alone comb his hair he stinks up Everyone when people go near him. A Complete LowLife Scumbag that ever was born on earth. and his mom is a slutty whore.
Cypress cut me off the road and now i'm suing him! by seeing his ugly face when it was a redlight omg!
by Ratt April 06, 2005
a very Hot Actress who's only 26 use to date and was engaged to chris klein but not anymore. she plays in Dawsons Creek. movies. abandon the gift. go teaching mrs. tingle and disturbing behavior.
Katie Holmes Very Great Actress and hot wish i could Date her if i was rich.
by Ratt April 08, 2005

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