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1 definition by Ratinmykitchen

People from the Country of Poland.
Often seen in more wealthy countries especially European since Poland joined the European Union.
Polish people generally move to wealthier countries in search of better pay and lifestyle but often are ignorant of the fact that people native to that country find it hard enough to get a job without them taking them all just because they are willing to work for less money or in poorer conditions.
Some Polish people do not work at all, only claim benefits from the state and sit in their houses which are given to them on entry to an EU country. They often are ignorant of fashion and wear brightly coloured track-suites and rubber hats. Polish people are well known in most shopping centres and are almost always on police record for stealing or attacking people.
Hey man have you got a job at the sweatshop yet?

No those fucking Polish people are taking them all, and I got my car stolen by a Polish man in brightly coloured swimming shorts
by Ratinmykitchen May 03, 2006