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A fingerslam is when a man has his partner jam their finger(s) into his urethra. Also a popular shock site hosted by the infamous meatspin.
That chick with the gold ring double fingerslammed that dudes dick and he took like like a man
by Ratheon April 29, 2007
When a girl spreads her ass cheeks open for a guy to shit between, becomes a Tijuana Burrito if he proceeds to fuck her up the ass
Todd and Jills Tijuana Taco soon became a burrito after the sight of all that feces got Todd harder than a month old chalupa
by Ratheon May 01, 2007
A phrase used to describe a girls hotness
"damn did you see Hopes black g string sticking out of her pants, Id let her pee in my face just to see between her legs"
by Ratheon August 20, 2007
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