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The Typical McDonalds Employee. ESPECIALLY When Taking A Simple Order.
They gave me a fuckin chicken sandwich and not my big mac! GOD DAMIT! THOSE FUCKING MCMORONS!
by ratbait July 16, 2003
After the great telecom merger of 2005/2006, to combat the voice over ip menace brought forth by the cable companies, one company made up of parts from Southwestern Bell, Bell South, and AT&T emerged controlling 85% of all telephone lines in the USA. This leaves only 2 telephone companies in america, Verizon, and NOT Verizon. The name was chosen for simplicity sake, as now everybody knows what company your talking about.
I just upgraded my DSL package.
Oh? Whos your provider.
South western.... no they changed their name to AT&T... and bought Bell... I forget?
Oh, you mean NOT Verizon. Ya i saw that package, looks good.
#notverizon #not verizon #verizon #sbc #at&t #bell south
by Ratbait May 09, 2006
uuber spiffy
well somebody is feeling Spifftastic thismorning.
by ratbait July 16, 2003
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