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2 definitions by Rataru

An alias for oneself. A code name if you will...
First thought up on Everquest, the name was given a paladin.
Now used on virtually every internet forum and game.
i.e. Everquest, DAoC, World of Warcraft, Anarchy Online, and many more.

The word Ratara, can be substituted for a female character.

Many will simply call him Rat for short.

"Hey Rataru, wanna group?

"Man that Rataru sure is the OWN"
by Rataru June 14, 2007
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An animal used to give oneself an enima. I.E. Gerbil, hamster, raccon, etc.
Thanks for letting me use your guinea pig. He gave one one amazing enimal.
by Rataru July 31, 2009
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