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Really bad and terrible weed that makes you tired; may have crack in it.
Damn I'm not even high! Magert you got some Nigger Nuggets!
by Rat Majat November 08, 2010
The Easiest Nazi Zombie Level Ever: One of the few where it is except able to upgrade bad guns for nothing but humor. Bad people go to the MP40 first, but skilled players go threw the alley because this zombie level is so incredibly easy that it doesn't matter. No need to get far. It is the New Jersey of Nazi Zombies. It is the map that gets everybody to understand zombies and that's why we love it.
Dude... Lets play Kino

There's a reason why it's called kiNO!

Dude I traded my Ray Gun for a China Lake because it's Kino Der Toten and I can uprade it with my Law and get to level 73.
by Rat Majat September 12, 2011
Any part of the United States that is completely inhabited by black people where AIDS, welfare, drugs, violence and rape are everyday occurrences. Very similar to Africa.
White Guy: "Hey what do you get when you bring some Africa over to America... The Ghetto."

White Guy 2: You mean like Camden, Detroit, Compton, Brooklyn, Cleveland, and St. Louis."

White Guy 3: Africa America
by Rat Majat January 19, 2012

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