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An evil underground empire that works in the shadows of New England prep schools such as Milton Academy, Nobles, and other such places. They are led each year by two King Rats and the torch of leadership is passed on with each generational shift. The main objective of the Rats is to bring humor where it is needed and to exagerate current issues through the use of extreme pranking. The Rats have been known to be extremely violent and aggressive when defending their own turf and do not take kindly to any threat, intentional or not, to one their own. Generally it is an unspoken rule among most who live in close proximity of the Rats that for one's own sake, they are best left alone.
Example One:
Joe: "Damn, I heard them Sons of Rats went and pulled a nasty prank!"
Bob: "Yo, I heard the same thing, I heard they're professionals."

Example Two:
Joe: "Damn, my backpack's gone!"
Bob: "Did you piss off a Rat?"
Joe: "I don't think so..."
Bob: "Where's your wallet?"
Joe: "Shit!"

Example Three:
Joe: "Hey man, lets go see if we can figure out who the Rats are."
Bob: "Yeah good idea."
--That's why this is the last example. Joe and Bob won't be joining us for anymore examples.
by Rat King November 06, 2006

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