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3 definitions by Rat Fink

The shade of white used on iPod brand headphones. A person listening to an iPod (as opposed to another brand mp3 player or a radio) can often be easily picked out based on the color of their headphones. Real iPods are popular on the black market, thus making them more likely to be stolen.
I went out and bought some black earbuds because I didn't like walking around wearing the mug-me white ones.
by Rat Fink September 10, 2008
1. Having a television as the focal point or most important part.
2. Designed for optimum viewing of a television.
Jack noticed that the the couches in the living room were facing each other and the TV was in the corner, thus failing to make the room telecentric.
by Rat Fink July 12, 2008
The Spice Girl Effect is a phenomenon that occurs when a male sees a group of young females and perceives them to be attractive, when they are not. Upon closer examination of each female, the male can realize the truth of the situation.
1. John was very intimidated as he was walking towards the five girls until he realized he had become a victim of the Spice Girl Effect.

2. I just got Spice Girled!
by Rat Fink February 20, 2009