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Yiddish-American slanglish, (c.f. Ebonics)
Q: So Hymie, vy iss yur nose so big?A: Oy, Nathan, air iss free. Have a Nosh, Sheldon. "Knock off the Heebonics, I already have a dick in my ear."
by Rastus January 26, 2006
Refers to a large quantity of pubic hair, usually on a woman.
This chick I banged last nite had hairy underpants, she had to part it when she pees.
by Rastus January 11, 2006
approaching a seated girl from the rear and resting your dick on her shoulder
Couldn't get her to blink so I copped a Resta on her Lilly-Whites.
by Rastus January 11, 2006
A real Party Girl, a Slut
That's no Trixie, that's Circus Maximus.
by Rastus March 09, 2006
A generic term for good-looking young broads. c.f. Prime Beef
That's good Angus. OR Is that cattle? No, that be Angus.
by Rastus June 05, 2006
a generic term for any Canadian or Kanadienne
"Dat Moose Nigger shoot da puck like a girl, eh?
by Rastus January 11, 2006

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