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The high-calorie foam remnants of a coke that usually include brains, wit, and blueberry jam. It is usually chilled. When served with alcohol, a bubbly catchphrase is very warm, and when warm enough, will respond to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" in a form of the more interpretive than cohesive dance. Crazy Salamanders eat them for breakfast.
Brandon: Do you like coffee?
Chelsea: No, but I like bubbly catchphrases.
by rastaroni March 07, 2010
An observant, pretty creature that can exhibit cougar-like, impulsive behavior. The Crazy Salamanders have very sensitive ears and are allergic to flea bites. When they feel their young is threatened, their first instinct is to go for the nipples.
Chelsea: Would you call me an observant, pretty creature?
Brandon: No, I'd call you a Crazy Salamander.
by rastaroni February 24, 2010

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